Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 59 Issue 1

New record of Hyotissa species (Bivalvia: Ostreoida: Gryphaeidae)
from India with taxonomic description

S. Souji and Tresa Radhakrishnan

The southern tip of peninsular India is blessed with marine resources. The oysters are the sedentary form of bivalves’ abuandant in Indian shore region. Hyotissa species are comparatively large oysters with hard shell. Taxonomy of three Hyotissa species are described in detail and included in this paper. Detailed taxonomy of the species was worked out based on its morphometry, and comparisons were also made. Three Hyotissa species collected were Hyotissa hyotis, Hyotissa inermis and Hyotissa sinensis. In which H. inermis and H. sinensis are newly reported oysters from Gryphaeidae family. These three species are deposited in Designated National Repository of CMFRI, Kochi, Kerala, India. 


Gryphaeidae, Hyotissa hyotis, Hyotissa inermis, Hyotissa sinensis

Date : 30-06-2017