Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 59 Issue 1

Pea-crab (Pinnotheres sp.) as commensal inside the shells of edible wedge clams and their predators along southwest coast of India 

S. Y. Tenjing

Pea-crab (Pinnotheres sp.) is a commensal organism found inside the  shells of wedge clams, Donax sp. and D. faba at Panambur beach along Karnataka coast of India whereas pea-crab was not found in either D. faba and D. scortum in Padukere beach. At Panambur beach, the peacrabs in Donax sp. and D. faba were found when the size was greater than 10 mm. The presence of pea crabs inside the shells of wedge clams was greater during monsoon seasons which in general is the breeding period of marine organisms. The number of pea-crab fluctuated between different seasons. Predation by the crab (Ocypode ceratophthalmus), birds (Calidrius minuta, Corvus splendens, Tringa terek and Charadrius mongolus) and humans on Donax spp. occurred during the study period 


Pea-crab, wedge clam, commensal, predators, Karnataka

Date : 30-07-2017