Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 58 Issue 2

Diversity and distribution of mysids (Crustacea:Mysida) from the northwest coast of India


A. Biju, S. U. Panampunnayil1 and K. K. C. Nair

Diversity and distribution of mysids collected from the northwest coast of India are presented. Twelve species of mysids belonging to eight genera of four-sub families are identified from 10 localities covering 69 stations, of which three species, Siriella hanseni, Erythrops minuta, Acanthomysis anomala are new reports from this area. Mysids occurred in all areas except at Veraval. Maximum density of a mono specific species Mesopodopsis orientalis (8792/100m3) is found at Dahanu. Mesopodopsis orientalis is the most abundant species and occurred in aggregations at Bassein, Dahanu and Mithapur. Indomysis nybini is found to be next in abundance (2117/100m3) even though they occurred only in Mithapur. Rhopalophthalmus vijayai occurred in abundance at Bhavnagar which contributed 80.4% of the total population of this area and occurred in small aggregations. All other species reported are either moderately or sparsely represented.



 Crustacea, mysids, diversity, distribution, northwest coast, India



Date : 10-01-2017