Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 49 Issue 1
Growth and biometric relationship of the Indian pearl oyster Pinctada fucata
Syda Rao,G
Pinctada fucata, the Indian pearl oyster was cultured under land-based system for more than seven years.
The maximum growth in length and weight was reached at about 3 years. The oysters were suitable for first
seeding from about 9 months. The scope for producing larger pearls was more from about 2 years. They
attained maturity from 6 months onwards and spawning was found to be continuous until the age of five
years. After 3 years, they lost the power of attachment with byssal threads. After 5 years the gonads shrank
in size with no development of gametes and pearls of 5-6 mm size could be produced from these oysters.
However, the mantle (‘Saibo’) was active and capable of producing pearl sac and suitable for implantation.
The length-weight, length-thickness and weight-thickness relationships were derived and presented. The
weight was important, which is directly related to thickness and ultimately useful for planning the size of
beads for seeding operations.
Pinctada fucata, age and growth, length-weight relationship, Saibo
Date : 20-02-2008