Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 58 Issue 1

Studies on growth and mortality of Malabar tongue sole, Cynoglossus
(Norman, 1928) along the Ratnagiri coast of Maharashtra

P. V. Bhalekar, V. H. Nirmale, S. Y. Metar1, R. A. Pawar and D. R. Kende.

Growth and mortality parameters of Malabar Tongue sole, Cynoglossus macrostomus were estimated on the basis of length frequency data collected during April 2014 to March 2015 by using ELEFAN software
employing FiSAT-I. The asymptotic length L∞ and growth coefficient K were estimated at 192mm and 0.9 year-1 respectively. The to was estimated by VBGF plot to be - 0.0022 yr. By using the von Bertalanffy Growth Formula (VBGF), it is observed that C. macrostomus attains a length of 107mm, 151mm and 163mm at the end of six, twelve and fifteen months respectively. The values of Z, M and F were calculated as 5.20, 1.008 and 4.192 per year respectively. The Lc50 was estimated to be 114.22mm. The exploitation ratio (E) was found to be 0.806. Relative yield per curve was found to be maximum for an exploitation ratio Emax of 0.77. To sustain the catches of C. macrostomus from Ratnagiri coast the fishing pressure should be reduced from present E of 0.806 to Emax of 0.77.


Malabar tongue sole, Ratnagiri, Growth, mortality, VBGFPlot.

Date : 30-06-2016