Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 58 Issue 1

Check list of fishes of the Gulf of Mannar ecosystem, Tamil Nadu, India

K. K. Joshi, Miriam Paul Sreeram, P. U. Zacharia, E. M. Abdussamad, Molly Varghese, O. M. M. J. Mohammed Habeeb, K. Jayabalan, P. Kanthan, K. Kannan, K. M. Sreekumar, Gimy George and M. S. Varsha

Gulf of Mannar Ecosystem (GOME) covers an area spread over Rameswaram and Kanyakumari for about 19000 km2 and lies between
78°11’E and 79°15’ E longitude and 8°49’N and 9°15’N latitude. The 21 coral islands form a network of habitats for different kinds of fishes and marine organisms. Fish samples were collected during April 2005 to March 2010 from different centers viz., Vembar, Tharuvaikulam, Vellapatti, Therespuram, Tuticorin, Alangarathattu, Pazhaykayal, Punnakayal, Kayalpattinam, Veerapandiapattinam, Thiruchendur and Manappad of Gulf of Mannar ecosystem. The present check list was the first attempt to produce a systematic list of fishes found in the Gulf of Mannar ecosystem. It includes 476 genera and 1182 species in 144 families and 39 orders, of which 628 species have been recorded in the present study.


Marine fishes, marine protected area, coral islands, elasmobranchs, teleosts, deep sea fishes.

Date : 30-06-2016