Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 57 Issue 2

Preliminary studies on epibiotic protista in the mangrove ecosystem of Ayiramthengu, Kerala coast

P. Chithra and R. Sunil Kumar

The present study evaluates the distribution and abundance of epibiont protists in the prop root of mangrove Rhizophora apiculata and in the submerged litters found near the mangroves in Ayiramthengu. A total of 15 genera of epibiotic protista were identified. Ciliates were dominated with 12 genera (Vorticella, Thuricola, Zoothamnium, Vaginicola, Rhabdostyla, Cothurnia, Pyxicola, Stentor, Paramecium, Euplotes, Epistylis, and Prorodon) and the remaining 3 genera (Acineta, Peranema and Euglena) were contributed by flagellates. Maximum density and abundance of organisms were found in prop root. Total population density of ciliates in roots and litters were 284 cm2 and 174 cm2 respectively while the density of flagellates was comparatively low with 142 cm2 in root and 11 cm2 in litter. The most dominant ciliate in root was Vorticella (50.79 %) and least was Vaginicola (0.17%). Acineta represent the most dominant flagellate in root (77.46%) and the minimum was Euglena (1.40%). Zoothamnium was the dominant ciliate in litter (44.66%) and least was Rhabdostyla (0.29%). Peranema was the most dominant flagellates in litter (72.72%). Most of the species were common in root and litter except Pyxicola and Prorodon which were found only in litters.


Mangrove, epibionts, protista, prop root

Date : 15-12-2015