Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 57 Issue 1

Status and conservation issues of window pane oyster Placuna placenta
(Linnaeus 1758) in Kakinada Bay, Andhra Pradesh, India

P. Laxmilatha

The Kakinada Bay in Andhra Pradesh, India is a rich ground of the pearl bearing window pane oyster,Placuna placenta. The total window pane oyster landing during 2011-2012 was 461.3 t; the total effort 13,777 man days and mean catch per unit effort (CPUE) 29.7kg. The mean landing was 230.7 t and mean effortwas 6,889. The window pane oyster is protected under Schedule IV of the Indian Wildlife Protection Act,1972; however, clandestine fishing for live as well as fossilized shells of the window pane oyster occurs in the Kakinada Bay. This is highly detrimental to the stock of the window pane oysters in the Bay. The present status of the exploitation of the window pane oyster in the Kakinada Bay is assessed. The need to protect the species is highlighted and management and conservation measures are discussed.


Window pane oyster Placuna placenta,Kakinada Bay, status, management, conservation

Date : 30-06-2015