Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 56 Issue 2

Validation of Indigenous knowledge used in the management of Bivalve fishery of South Konkan coast of Maharashtra


S.S. Gangan, V. H. Nirmale, S.Y. Metar, N.D. Chogale, R. Pai, S. D. Patil, K. D. Patil and A.K. Balange

The present study was conducted to gain access to the indigenous knowledge of the fishermen engaged in the bivalve fishery practiced in the South Konkan Coast and its subsequent assessment by experts working in area of fisheries management. A total of 100 fishermen constituted the sample size of the study. The data were gathered through a combination of personnel interview and non-participant observation methods. The study has documented rich, varied and potential indigenous knowledge associated with the management of the bivalve fishery. The indigenous knowledge on variety specific habitats, fishery season for bivalves, preference timing and depth of operation, effect of different abiotic phenomenon on condition and availability of bivalves, methods of their exploitation are based by and large on scientific rationality, efficacy and use of local resources as evidenced from the ratings of the experts.



 Valuation, indi genous knowledge, bivalve fishery practices, South Konkan.

Date : 12-11-2014