Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 56 Issue 2

Morpho-anatomical study of Lingula anatina Lamarck, 1801 from West Bengal-Odisha coast, India


S. Samanta, A. Choudhury and S.K. Chakraborty

Lingula anatina , the living inarticulate brachiopoda has been reported in the present paper from the intertidal belt of Subarnarekha estuary at the confluence of Bay of Bengal. The genus Lingula being the oldest of all living genera is considered as living fossil which reveals an ancient lineage to Pre- Cambrian period. The morphological (shape and sizes of shell, pedicle, muscle, lophophore, mantle digestive system, coelom, nephridium and gonads etc) and microanatomical (Histological features of different parts of body) studies of this newly recorded species from West Bengal- Orissa coast, India have been undertaken and presented.



Lingula anatina , Subarnarekha estuary, morphology, microanatomy.

Date : 15-07-2014