Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 54 Issue 2
New records of free-living marine nematodes (Nematoda: Enoplida) from Indian waters
K. G. M. T. Ansari, P. S. Lyla and S. Ajmal Khan \doi: 10.6024/jmbai.2012.54.2.01716-07
One hundred and ninety two species of free-living marine nematodes were collected during Cruise No. 260 of “FORV Sagar Sampada” from the southeast continental shelf of India. Six of these species Enoplolaimus longicaudatus, Anticoma eberthi, Oncholaimellus calvadosicus, Viscosia glabra, V. langrunensis and Eurystomina terricola under the order Enoplida which happen to be first record from Indian waters are described here.
Nematodes, Enoplida, continental shelf, India.
Date : 01-02-2013