Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 53 Issue 2
Striking behavior of Rapana rapiformis in egg capsule deposition in Pondicherry coastal region
*A. Yogamoorthi and T. Kaviarasan doi: 10.6024/jmbai.2011.53.2.01673-20
During the monthly field survey along the sandy beaches of Pondicherry in the southeast coast of India, fresh but empty capsules of Rapana rapiformis were collected and capsules with strange features were photographed. The gastropod exhibited three striking features in depositing its egg capsules (i) R. rapiformis selected the egg capsules of Chicoreus virgineus for depositing its capsules (ii) R. rapiformis produced layered and branched capsules, (iii) 4-5 capsules are laid on the apex of single capsule of C. virgineus. The probable reasons/factors for such egg capsule deposition were discussed.
Egg capsule, gastropod, lateral branching, R. rapiformis, Pondicherry
Date : 09-02-2012