Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 53 Issue 2
Redescription of Japanese tsunogashria Ostracoberyx dorygenys Fowler, 1934 (Pisces: Ostracoberycidae) with notes on osteology from Indian waters
*S. Ramachandran, D. M. Ali and Benjamin C. Varghese doi: 10.6024/jmbai.2011.53.2.01633-16
Slope dwelling teleost Ostracoberyx dorygenys from southwest coast of India has been reported for the first time from the Indian waters. Three specimens O. dorygenys were caught during demersal fishery resources survey conducted at 350-400 m depth in the area between 9°13.4' N; 76°44.6'E and 8°55.6'N 75°45.2'E during the period from April to December 2009. The cranial and postcranial osteology of O. dorygenys is described based on two specimens.
Ostracoberyx dorygenys, new record, redescription, osteology
Date : 09-02-2012