Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 52 Issue 1
Fattening of mud crab: an approach of aquasilviculture in Andaman Islands
J. Santhanakumar, A. K. Abdul Nazar, N. V. Vinithkumar and R. Kirubagaran
During September - December 2004, mud crab fattening was attempted in tide-fed earthen ponds in Lakshmipur (North Andaman) and Bamboo Tickri (Middle Andaman) with mangroves such as Rhizophora mucronata, R. apiculata and Avicennia marina, covering 60 to 80% of the total pond area. Water crabs of Scylla tranquebarica, S. olivacea and S. serrata, each weighing 500 - 1500 g were stocked in the pond at a density of 0.5 kg/m2 with suitable hideouts to reduce cannibalism. In 30 to 35 days, 85%survival was obtained with 8% weight increment. This paper outlines the measures that may be adopted for practicing aquaculture in mangroves.
Mangroves, aquasilviculture, water crab, crab fattening
Date : 20-09-2010