Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 51 Issue 1
Effect of starvation and temperature on gonad development of baby clam, Marcia opima (Gmelin)
N. Suja and P. Muthiah
For studying the influence of feed and temperature on gonad growth and maturity of the baby clam ,Marcia opima, experiments were conducted for 45 days at temperatures of 23°C and 28°C. The progress of gonadal recovery was followed by periodic determination of gonadosomatic index, condition index, digestive gland index and oocyte diameter. There was significant difference in the nadosomatic index between fed and unfed clams at 23°C and 28°C. No significant difference in the gonadosomatic index was noted in the fed reatments at 23°C and 28°C, but the time of conditioning had significant influence on the gonadosomatic index. A significant relationship was found between the gonadosomatic index and condition index of the clams in all the treatments.
Feed, temperature, gonad development, Marcia opima
Date : 27-08-2009