Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 50 Issue 2
Distribution of the spotted codlet, Bregmaceros mcclellandi Thompson (Family: Bregmacerotidae) in lower Hooghly Estuary and Sundarbans mangrove region
Amitabha Ghosh and B. B. Satpathy
This communication is on the distribution of the codlet, Bregmaceros mcclellandi in Sundarbans estuarine complex including the lowermost part of the Hooghly estuary in the east coast of India. The species has been found to be well distributed in the Sundarbans mangrove region. The availability of the species in the estuary indicates that it is probably salinity dependent. Some characteristic features of the species have also been presented.
Spotted codlet, Bregmaceros mcclellandi, Sundarbans, Hooghly estuary
Date : 06-06-2009