Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 50 Issue 2
Estimates on potential yield and maximum sustainable fleet size for marine fisheries in Kerala
T. V. Sathianandan, J. Jayasankar, E. Vivekanandan, R. Narayankumar and
Time series data on marine fish landings and effort in units and hours of operation along Kerala during

1997-2007 were used to arrive at estimates on potential yield (PY) and maximum sustainable fleet size

(MSFS). The PY was estimated as a simple high pass filter of the landings after classifying the resources

into three categories, viz., demersals, large pelagics and small pelagics. The total PY was estimated as 6.99

lakh tonnes and the annual average landings during 1997-2007 was 5.81 lakh tonnes. The MSFS estimates

were made from the data on fishing units and hours of operations of important craft and gear combinations,

and compared with the existing fleet size. It was found that the number of trawlers and outboard ringseiners

in operation are in excess of the recommended MSFS.
Potential yield, maximum sustainable fleet size, marine fish landings, simple high pass filter
Date : 06-06-2009