Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 50 Issue 2
Distribution of deep sea prawns off Kerala
B. Madhusoodana Kurup, Radhika Rajasree and S. Venu
Exploratory trawling using High Speed Demersal Trawl II was conducted in 10 x 10 square grids at depth ranging from 10° to 75° m between 07° and 12°N lat. onboard FORV Sagar Sampada. Altogether 2444 kg of deep sea prawns were caught off Kerala. The depth-related catch rates of deep sea prawns in different latitudes revealed that the region between 080N and 090N lat. which covers the Quilon bank (CPUE 49.9 kg/hr) is the most productive ground for deep sea prawns, mainly at 251-350 m. The deep sea prawns were represented by 11 species and Parapandalus spinipes was the most dominant species followed by Heterocarpus woodmasoni. H. gibbosus showed wider distribution from 08° to 12° N lat. at 251-500 m and Metapenaeopsis andamanensis with restricted distribution from 10° to 12°N lat.
Deep sea prawn, Heterocarpus sp., Parapandalus sp., Aristeus sp., Plesionika sp., Solenocera sp., Metapenaeopsis sp.
Date : 02-06-2009