Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 50 Issue 1
Changes in the shark fishery at Cochin
K. K. Joshi, K. Balachandran and S. G. Raje
A total of 30 species of sharks belonging to 14 genera and 7families were landed at Cochin during 2000-2002 compared to 23 species landed in the earlier years. The large sharks landed were Carcharhinus ,

amblyrhynchos, C. amblyrhynchoides, C. amboinensis, C. brevipinna, C. sorrah, C. dussumieri, C.melanopterus, C. falciformis, C. limbatus, Rhizoprionodon acutus, Nebrius ferrugineus, Alopias pelagicus,Alopias vulpinus
and Squatina squatina. The main fishing season was between March and June, the fishing area was between Quilon and Ratnagiri and the gear was longline. The catch and CPUE were high during the two year study period due to landing of large-sized grey sharks. The species composition, length, weight and sex ratio of the sharks are presented in this paper.
Date : 25-05-2009