Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 50 Issue 1
Description of two lesser known jacks of the genus, Seriola (Family: Carangidae) from Indian waters and their comparison with a closely related species, Seriolina nigrofasciata (Rupp
E. M. Abdussamad, K.K. Joshi and K. Jayabalan
Two species of jacks, Almaco jack (Seriola rivoliana) and greater amber jack (Seriola dumerili) were collected

from the landings by hooks and line operating in oceanic waters off Tuticorin beyond 70-100 m depth. The former species appeared in the catch in stray numbers recently while six specimens of the latter

were landed only once in August 2007. Morphological and meristic studies of both species were made. Since another closely resembling species, the banded trevally (Seriolina nigrofasciata), occur regularly in the catch, a brief description of that species is also given for comparison.
Jacks, banded trevally, carangid
Date : 25-05-2009