Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 50 Issue 1
Observations on the food of Nemipterus mesoprion (Bleeker, 1853) from Malabar coast
P. P. Manojkumar
Food of the threadfin bream Nemipterus mesoprion from the fishing grounds off Malabar coast were studied based on 3361 specimens. The studies showed that the fish is a demersal carnivore, subsisting mainly on crustaceans, teleosts, molluscs, polychaetes and miscellaneous food items. The trophic spectrum of N. mesoprion composed of 26 food items. Fish in all size groups preferred crustaceans. Penaeid prawns, Acetes spp. and deep-sea prawns were the dominant crustaceans in the diet. Anchovies, scads, lizardfishes and whitefish were the teleosts that formed the major diet component. N. mesoprion showed preference for

teleosts as they grew. Copepods, crabs and squilla were seen mostly in the stomach of juveniles and preadult fishes. Teleosts were the major food during January-March and in all the other months crustaceans were dominant in the food. Feeding intensity was poor during most of the months.
Nemipterus mesoprion, demersal carnivore, Malabar coast
Date : 25-05-2009