Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 50 Issue 1
The pycnogonid (Endeis mollis Carpenter, 1904) associated with hydroidsfrom the inshore waters of Visakhapatnam, India
S. Veena, P. Kaladharan, Prathibha Rohit and G. Syda Rao
The sea spider or pycnogonid, identified as Endeis mollis Carpenter, 1904 were isolated from hydroids colonized for over 45 days on a large floating cage installed at Visakhapatnam inshore area at a depth of 10-12 m. More than 50% of the population consisted of males carrying egg mass. Occurrence of E.mollis

off Visakhapatnam as well as their association with hydroids in Indian waters is reported for the first time.
Pycnogonids, sea spiders, Endeis mollis, hydroids, floating cage, off Visakhapatnam
Date : 25-05-2009