Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 48 Issue 2

Seasonal distribution of phytoplankton in the surf waters off Gopalpur, east coast of India

Panigrahy, R.C., Sangeeta Mishra, Gouri Sahu and A.K.Mohanty

The distribution of phytoplankton in surf waters off Gopalpur (Lat. 1906'N and Long. 84056'E), east coast of India showed that the species composition and population density indicated well-marked seasonal variation. In total, 66 species of diatoms, 12 dinoflagellates, 3 blue-green and 2 green algae were encountered. The population density of phytoplankton ranged from 3.92 x l04 to 7.23 x 106 cells 1-1. Higher population density and Chlorophyll a was observed in March when there was a bloom of Asterionella glarialis (=Asterionellopsis glacialis). The diversity indices showed considerable variations with minimum values in March in coincidence with the Asrerionella bloom.


Distribution, phytoplankton, surf waters, Orissa, east coast India

Date : 30-06-2006