Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 47 Issue 2

Age and growth of Decapterus russelli and D. macrosoma along Karnataka coast, India

Prathibha Rohit and S. L. Shanbhogue

Derapterus spp. popularly known as scads form an important component of the pelagic fishery resource along Karnataka coast. Their contribution to the total fish catch increased from 2% during 80's to 5% in 90's. The resource formed 21% of the total carangid landings of the state. The study provides information on the age and growth of D.russelli and D.marososma and is based on samples collected from five major landing centres. The von Bertalanffy's growth equation for D.ruselli is L(t) = 231.87 [1-e-0.7('-0.1628) and that for D. macrosoma L(t) = 238 [1-e0.75('00777)]T. he growth curve of Derapterus spp. was found to be similar to that of other small tropical pelagic fishes of the Indian coast. The growth rate in both the above species was rapid during the first year indicating a total length of 140 mm and 150 mm respectively. The commercial fishery here is supported by 1 + yr class.


Age and growth of scads - Derapterus rus.selli and D. marrosonza

Date : 30-12-2005