Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 46 Issue 2

An account on the fishery and biology of Parapenaeus fissuroides indicus Crosnier, 1985 recorded for the first time from Indian waters

A. P. Dineshbabu

The False Rose shrimp, Parapenaeus fissuroides indicus Crosnier, 1985 started supporting a minor fishery along Karnataka coast in recent years. The trawlers operating at a depth of 80- 120m off Mangalore landed Ilt, 4t and 127t at the fisheries harbour here during 2001 to 2003 respectively. P. fissuroides is the first record from Indian waters. It significantly differs from the species P. fissurus, earlier reported from India. P. fissuroides indicus is one of the three sub species of P. fissuroides, the other two being P. fissuroides fissuroides and P. fissuroides erythraeus. The paper describes with illustration the thelycum and petasma of P. fissuroides indicus indicating how this shrimp can be differentiated from P. fissurus and the other two sub species. The paper also gives an account of fishery and biology of P. fissuroides indicus

Date : 30-12-2004