Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 46 Issue 2

Fishery and some aspects of population dynamics of goatfish Upeneus vittatus (Forskal) off Visakhapatnam

U. Rajkumar

The average annual estimated catch of goatfishes at Visakhapatnam was 1,511 t during1997-03, which formed 7.4 % of the total landings of small-mechanized units including small trawlers and Sona boats. Upeneus vittatus was the dominant species. The fish attained maturity at 138 mm length. The spawning period extended from July to October. The growth parameters of this species were L = 245 mm, K = 0.67 yr-1 and to = - 0.146. The mortality rates Z, F and M were 5.49,4.06 and 1.43, respectively. The exploitation rate is estimated to be 0.74, indicating overexploitation of the stock.


Goatfish, Upeneus vittatus, maturity, population dynamics

Date : 30-12-2004