Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 46 Issue 2

Effect of salinity on the life span and reproductive characteristics of brine shrimps in the salt pans at Tuticorin

N. Soniraj

Effect of salinities in the range of 20 - 170 ppt on reproductive and lifespan characteristics of Artemiafranciscana Kellog, a non endemic sexually reproducing species and A. parthenogenetica Bowen, the endemic asexual species, from salt pans of Tuticorin were studied at ambient temperature with Chlorella as feed. A.franciscana showed significantly faster rate of maturation and longer 'reproductive period' compared to the local species at all the tested conditions. At higher as well as lower salinities the pre-reproductive period of both the species were prolonged. The values per female of the 'broods', 'total offspring' and 'nauplii' in A. franciscana were significantly higher especially between 20 - 100 ppt. The 'brood size' of sexual and asexual species varied with salinity, the former showed higher values at 20-100 ppt and the latter at 120-170 ppt. Only sexual species produced significant cysted offspring which showed an increasing trend with higher salinities (120,145 and 170 ppt) while both the species produced maximum nauplii at lower ranges (20,45,80 and 100 ppt). The results presented may generate useful management tips to those who take up Artemia culture in saltpans of Tuticorin.


Effect of salinity on lifespan, brine shrimps

Date : 30-12-2004