Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 49 Issue 1
Faunal composition of meiobenthos from the shelf regions off the west coast of India
Sajan, S. and R. Damodaran
Faunal composition of meiobenthos of the shelf sediments of the western continental shelf is discussed. A total
of eight taxonomic groups were represented in the meiobenthic samples. Among these, Nematoda, Copepoda
and Foraminifera were the most dominant groups occurred in the shelf sediments. During the study, 155
species of nematodes belonging to 29 families were identified. The study indicated a depth wise and
latitudinal variation in qualitative distribution of meiobenthos in different transects due to variation in the
hydrobiological conditions.
Faunal composition, meiobenthos, continental shelf sediments, west coast India
Date : 20-02-2008