Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 46 Issue 1

Occurrence of tarball and waste materials on the beaches along Kerala coast in India

P. Kaladharan, D. Prema, A. Nandakumar and K. K. Valsala

Results of a study conducted during 2000-2001 on the contamination of nine beaches along Kerala coast by solid waste materials and tar balls are presented. The level of solid waste contamination was higher in urban area due to anthropogenic activities, which included discarded pharmaceutical drugs, antibiotic preparations, cement bags, plastic water bottles, thermocol pieces and cany bags. Major tar ball deposits were observed on the beaches north of Cochin especially at Cherai (2.5 g/m2), Kaipamangalam (2.2 g/m3 and Chavakad (3.1 g/ m2) during April and May 2001. The quantity of tar ball deposit was significantly correlated (P< 0.05) with the wind velocity. The results were discussed in relation to their possible impacts on the state of health of coastal flora and fauna.


Date : 30-06-2004