Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 45 Issue 2

Artemia cyst production at Kelambakkam near Chennai

S. Kulasekarapandian and P. Ravichandran

Two rearing experimetnts on cyst production of Artemia were carried out in a salt pan at Kelambakam, near Chennai. The rearing media containing this parthenogentic strain of Artemia when enriched with both organic and inorganic fertilizers was found to augment water and soil fertility, leading to increase in population and cyst production. After the stocking, there was an initial decrease in the population of Artemia. However, the population increased when the first generation of nauplii emerged during 16th - 19th day of culture. Ovo-viviparity was noticed when the salinity was around 115 ppt. A density of 99 nos./I was attained with chicken manuring from an initial stocking of 40 nos./], while the inorganic fertilization yielded a still higher population density of 176 nos./l from an initial of 16 nos./l. From 61" day onwards, salinity related stress was created by gradually increasing the salinity up to 160-200 ppt, which resulted in the change of reproduction from ovo-viviparity to oviparity. During the period of cyst production, adults showing oviparity were found to be more among total adults in the population. Intensive and frequent rains caused sudden reduction in salinity, which has adversely affected the population, particularly those of adults. In addition, stratification in salinity was noticed. A cyst production of 3.9 kg/ha/189 days was obtained in the pond without fertilization, while it was 8.6 kg/ha/189 days in the pond with organic fertilizer. However, a higher production 21.32 kg/ha/l99 days was achieved with inorganic fertilizers.

Date : 30-12-2003