Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 45 Issue 2

Distribution of chlorophyll pigments in the Arabian Sea off Mangalore (west coast of India) in relation to nutrients

Chandrakant Lingadhal, T.R.C. Gupta and A. M. Ramesh

The distribution pattern of chlorophyll a, b and c pigments in relation to nutrients off Ullal, Mangalore along the west coast of India is presented. The investigation revealed distinct spatial and temporal variations with respect to chlorophyll pigments. A bimodal pattern of distribution was observed with respect to chlorophyll a; whereas, chlorophyll b and c showed a unimodal pattern. Generally, higher chlorophyll values were recorded at 10% light depth compared to 100% and 1%. Lower values of chlorophyll a were recorded compared to chlorophyll b and c during the present study. A significant positive correlation was noticed between chlorophyll pigments (a, b and c). A significant positive correlation was also recorded between chlorophyll a pigments and nitrite and nitrate. Biomass of chlorophyll a decreased in the stations located away from the coast.

Date : 30-12-2003