Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 45 Issue 1

Population parameters of Indian sand whiting Sillago sihama (Forsskal) from estuaries of southern Karnataka

K. S. Udupa, C. H. Raghavendra, Vinayak Bevinahalli, G. R. Aswatha Reddy and M. Averel

The Indian sand whiting, Sillago sihama, occurring in the estuaries of Karnataka along the southwest coast of India was found to attain a mean length of 17.1,25.2,29.2 and 31.1 cm at the end of 1-4 years respectively. From the length-converted catch curve, the total fishing mortality Z was estimated as 3.79 year-' whereas from Jones and van Zalinge method Z was estimated to be 3.28. The natural mortality M was estimated to be 1.41 which gave F = 2.38. The exploitation rate E = 0.63 gave an indication that S. sihama fishery is facing moderately higher fishing pressure in these estuaries. lc was estimated as 14.45 cm, Im=16.5c m and lop 20t.=7c m. The length-weight' relationship was found to be W = 0.02471 L2.56. Wm was estimated as 197g. The life span of the species is around 4.22 years. A note on the spawning season and recruitment pattern is also included in this paper.

Date : 30-06-2003