Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 45 Issue 1

Diversity and richness of zooplankton in Coringa mangrove habitat, east coast of India

N. V. Prasad

Plankton collections were made from four stations in the Coringa mangrove ecosystem, to study the diversity and richness of zooplankton in relation to hydrographical conditions. A major share of zooplankton community was contributed by copepods (61.45%), decapods (8.42%) and bivalves (7.36%). Zooplankton diversity (H') values varied from a minimum of 0.256 to a maximum of 1.973. The mean values of richness index (R') at four stations were 0.75, 0.87,0.71 and 0.67 respectively. Both diversity and richness values were relatively high in the bay region. In mangrove region, the diversity was marked at st.3, where meroplankton abundance was relatively high. While comparing the present observations with those made four decades ago, marked depletion in the number of species was observed on account of deterioration or water quality of the bay, which is known to receive effluents from the adjacent industries and city.

Date : 30-06-2003