Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 44 Issue 1&2

Photosynthetic pigments of benthic microflora in the brackishwater pond along Nethravathi estuary, Mangalore

H. Manjappa, G. Gowda, K. M. Rajesh and Mridula R. Mendon

Monthly variation of plant pigments such as chlorophyll - a and phaeopigments were studied for one year from Feb. 1998 to Jan. 1999 in the brackishwater impoundment of Nethravathi estuary, Mangalore. Chlorophyll - a values fluctuated from 0.037 mg/g sediment (Nov) to 2.10 mg/g sediment (Feb). It exhibited trimodal pattern of distribution with primary peak during February followed by December and July. Phaeopigment concentration ranged from 0.064 mg/g sediment (Nov) to 13.71 mg/g sediment (Aug). Chlorophyll - a values showed significant correlation with benthic phytoplankton whereas it is inversely related with sediment nitrogen and phosphorus.

Date : 30-12-2002