Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 44 Issue 1&2

Growth and production of Penaeus monodon in semi-intensive culture systems of Kerala fed with different diets

G. Prasad

Growth and produdion of P. monodon was studied in semi-intensive culture systems of Kerala where three types of feeds have been applied, viz. clam meat, clam meat and dough ball and farm made pelleted feeds. The average final length and weight were 15.10cm and 30.73g respectively. Mean biomass increase was 95.38g/m2 for 120 days at the rate of 0.795/m2/day at an average stocking density of 6.31 PL/m2. The average growth rate was 0.252g/day per animal. The production and the biomass increase per day were not significantly influenced by the feed types. However, the mean final weight of shrimp achieved with the feed types differed significantly. The pelleted feed was superior to the other two feed types in realizing significantly higher mean final weight of shrimp. The higher growth rate and the better overall performance of tiger shrimp noted in the present study are attributed to the combined effect of supplementary feed and fertilizer applied to the system.

Date : 30-12-2002