Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 43 Issue 1&2

Subtidal versus intertidal culture of Crassostrea madrasensis (Preston)

V. Yavari

The spat of the Indian backwater oyster, Crassostera madrasensis were grown in box-type cages at 4 different vertical heights (one subtidal and three intertidal levels) for a period of 8 months in the Tuticorin bay, southeast coast of India. Two sets of oysters (n - 92 – 97) were grown at each level. One set of oysters at each tidal level was cleaned regularly and the other set was allowed to become fouled. The results indicated that growth and survival of this oyster was highter at low intertidal levels (12.32% daily mean ariel exposure) when compared to subtidal or mid and higher intertidal levels.

Date : 30-12-2001