Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 43 Issue 1&2

Fishery of the speckled shrimp Metapenaeus monoceros (Fabricius) along Cochin coast.

G. Nandakumar

The speckled shrimp Metapenaeus monoceros (Fabricus) was one of the important constituents of the prawn landings by shrimp trawles from the inshore waters of Cohcin occupying third position in abundance during 1991-’93. The average annual landing of this species at Cochin F'isheries Harbour was 192 tonnes with catch per unit effort of 3.67 kg. Between 1991 and ’93 the catch and catch rate increased by 5.33 and 37.97% respectively. As the speckled shrimp is Nocturnal success of its fishery depends on trawling during nights in grounds of 30-45m meters depth range. The fishing season extends from December to May with peak availability during March -May. Annual migration of M. monoceros during peak monsoon months of July and August to deeper grounds of 55-90m was observed during the study period. Seven to twelve months old speckled shrimp was the major contributor to the fishery.



Date : 30-12-2001