Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 42 Issue 1&2

Acute toxicity bioassay of endosulfan, HCH, copper and zinc on larvae of mangrove crab Macrophthalmus erato (De Man)


T. Kannupandi, K. Pasupathi and P. Soundarapandian




<p justify;"="" style="text-align: justify;">Acute toxicity test (96hr.) was carried out to determine the toxic effects of the organochlorine pesticides and heavy metals on larvae of crab Macrophthalmus erato. The 96hr. LC 50 values were 0.48,3.2,90.0 and 152.0 pg/L of endosulfan, HCH, copper and zinc respectively for the first zoeal stage. The order of toxicity to the larvae was Endosulfan > HCH > Copper > Zinc. The calculated safe concentrations were 0.0048,0.032, 0.900 and 1.52 pg/L for endosulfan, HCH, copper and zinc respectively.

Date : 30-12-2000