Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 40 Issue 1&2

Bacterial depuration of grossly contaminated edible oyster, Crassostrea madrasensis (Preston).

T. Jawahar Abraham,S. Balasundari, S.A. Shanmugham and P. Jayachandran.

Microbial quality of edible oyster, Crasrusbco madrasemis (Preston) from the natural beds of l'bticorin coast and the elimination of microbes by depuration were investigated. Oysters were grossly contaminated by human pathogens such as Salmonellae, Vibrios, Staphylococcus aunus Escherichia coli, and Enterococcus faecalis. Depuration of oysters in chlorinated flow-through saline water reduced the levels of faecal coliform by > 99.97% within 24 h. Counts of E. faecafis and S. aureus were reduced by 99.40% and 39.23% respectively, in 48 h. Salmonellae and Vibrios remained persistantly even after 48 h of depuration. Mortality of oyster was 2.21% during depuration.



Date : 30-12-1998