Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 40 Issue 1&2

Distribution of nutrients in a bar-built estuary, Southwest coast of India.

K. Vareethiah,V. Ramadhas and V. Sivakumar

Temporal variations of principal inorganic nutrients were monitored in Thengapattanam estuary, a bar-built system on bimonthly baais s t four selected stations (8' 14'N; 77" ll'E), during 1994. The estuary was  characteriscd by the absena of tidal influence during the pre and postmonsoon seasons owing to the build up of sand bar at the mouth. Seasonal peipitation and salinity stratification apparently controlled the availability of major nutrients in the water column. Annual variations in nutrient concentrations were nitrate : 5.72-23.19 pg at N.1.-1; nitrate: 04.67 pg at N.1.-1; phosphate : 0.14-1.61 pg at P.1.-1 and silicate : 5.31-110.29 pg a% LL.~'N. : P showed an annual variation between 9.21 and 41.73 with occurrence of optimum ratios (= 16) about the monsoon season. 



Date : 30-12-1998