Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 40 Issue 1&2

Observations on the distribution and seasonal fluctuations, of Chaetognaths off Vizhinjam, Southwest coast of India.

Rani Mary George,P .A. Thomas, S. Jasmine, K. Ramakrishnan Nair and R. Vasanthakumar

The distribution and seasonal abundance of Chsetognaths belonging to the genera Sagitta Quoy and Gaimard and Ptemagitta Costa collected during the cruises of Cadahin-VI between January and December, 1990 from three sectors off Vizhinjam, on the southwest coast of India, were studied in relation to hydrographic factors. Sagitta urfIata was the most dominant species for the greater part of the year and the present study revealed that this species is a continuous breeder with several peaks of intensive spawning. Species such as Sagitta farox. S. robusta and S. pacifca are recorded only during the premonsoon and later postmonsoon periods



Date : 30-12-1998