Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 38 Issue 1&2

Metal (copper, zinc, iron and manganese) content in the eggs of Sesarma brockii De Man during embryogenesis.

T. Kannupandi,G. Vijayakumar and A. Shanmugam

The heavy metal content such as iron, zinc, manganese and copper in the developing eggs of Sesarma brockii revealed that iron content in all stages of the eggs was higher than that of the other metals. The iron, zinc and manganese contents in various egg stages were in the order of I < I1 < I11 > IV > V, stage but the mean cdpper content was in the order of 1 > I1 < 111 > IV < V stage.


Sesarma brockii, egg stages, heavy metal content 

Date : 30-12-1996