Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 38 Issue 1&2

Characteristics of the exploited stock of Nibea maculata  (scheider) (sciaenidae) as revealed by trawl, Landings at Kakinada

V. Sriramachandra Murty and P. Ramalingam

Nibea maculata forms about 7% of total sciaenids landed by trawlers at Kakinada. June, September aod January are the periods of abundance of this species in the trawling grounds. The length at first maturity is estimated as 180 mm and the spawning period as April-November. The length-weight relationship is calculated as log W= - 4.82369+2.98333 log L. The von Bertalanffy growth paranieters are estimated as L = 315 mm, K = 0.61 per year and b = - 0.07 year. The total mortality rate is estimated as 2.93. The yield per recruit as a function F and t is estimated.


Nibea maculata, trawl landings, fishery maturation, spawning, growth, mortality rates, yield per recruit

Date : 30-12-1996