Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 38 Issue 1&2

Destruction of timber structures in the estuarine systems of the south west coast of India, the Kallayi and Beypore backwaters

N. Balakrishnan Nair

The nature. of destruction of timber structures in the Kallayi and Beypore backwaters of'the South-West mast of India has been examined. Five species of shipworms namely Dicyathifet manni, Lyroduspedicellatus, Teredo furcifera, Nausitora hedleyi and Banhia carinata, two species of pholads Martesin striata, Martesia (Pam'coma) nairi and three species and a variety of sphaeromatids Sphaeroma terebrans, S. annandalei,S. a. travancorensis and S. walkeri constituted the boring community. The incidence, and relative abundance of these borers in relation to the salinity profile of the estuary have been reported.


wood boring organisms, salinity, abundance, distribution

Date : 30-12-1996