Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 35 Issue 1&2

Abundance of milkfish fry in relation to lunar periodicity in the nearshore waters around Manoli Island, Gulf of Mannar.

V. S. Rengaswamy , V. Gandhi, A. Raju, G. Mohanraj, K. Dorairaj and Joseph Xavier Rodrigo

Observations on the occurrence of fry of milkflsh Chanos chams carried out at Manoli Island from April 1983 to June 1984 in relation to the lunar periodicity are presented in this paper. During this period 137,175 fry were obtained, with a peak occurrence in May. Large quantities of fry were collected during day time of new moon period. The study also indicated the peak occurrence of fry in the initial flow of water during high tide. The possibilities of large scale collection from the adjoining areas appear to be bright.

Date : 31-10-1993