Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 35 Issue 1&2

The status of the beach seine fishery in the southwest coast of Sri Lanka during September 1983 to April 1986.

W. P. N. Karunasinghe

Beach seine fishery is carried out at 17 centres in the area between Moratuwa and Beruwala which covers 39 km of the Southwestern coastline of Sri Lanka. There are altogether 62 registered Beach Seine crafts in this area. This fishery is carried out only during the calm non-monsoonal months of September/October to March/April. The operation of a beach seine requires about sixty active men. Around 470 tonnes oi fish are produced annually in this area by this fishery which catch a variety of fishes that include engraulids, leiognatbids, clupeids etc. Catches towards Beruwala consist mostly of engraulids which contribute around 33.9%, while the catches towards Moratuwa consist mostly of leiognatbids which contribute around 46.7 % to the total small pelagic fish production. The mean catch per haul towards Beruwala is around 336.1 kg while that towards Moratuwa is around 177.4 kg

Date : 31-10-1993