Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 35 Issue 1&2

Oxygen consumption rate as a function of temperature and starvation of the veligers of edible oyster Crassostrea gigas (Thanberg).

M. H. Mona, M. E. Abdel Hamid and A. M. Khalil

Oxygen consumption rates (µLO2/h/larva) were measured at three temperature levels 13'C, 20'C and25"'C after ½,3,6 and 9 days from the last meal. The highest rate (24.4 µLO2/h/larva) resulted from the combined effect of 25°C and after 12 hours from the last meal, while the lowest one (4.2 µLO2/h/larva) recorded at 20°C and after 9 days starvation. After 9 days starvation, the oxygen consumption rates were not affected with temperature.

Date : 31-10-1993