Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 32 Issue 1&2

Cephalopod resources off the Gulf of Kutch in Gujarat Coast.

Pon. Siraimeetan

Areawise and depthwise cephalopod catches of the chartered fishing vessels of Taiwan, which conducted exploratory fishing in offshore areas off Gulf of Kutch have been presented and discussed. The catch comprised of three species each of cuttlefishes and squids of which, Loligo duvaucelii Orbigny dominated. The highest catch rate of cephalopods recorded was 254.53 kg/h during March, 1984. A distinct pattern in the distribution of cephalopods was noticed according to the depth of the area fished. Whereas cuttlefishes were mostly collected from the area 18°-2rN, squids were common in the area 22°.23° N.

The percentage composition of cephalopods in total fish catches varied from 3.13 to 20.28. The maximum catch of cephalopods per haul was 585.03 kg. Loligo duvaucelii accounted for 47,949,5 kg of the catches in March, constituting 68.25% of the total cephalopod landings.

Detailed analysis of the catch data indicated that the depth zone below 33 m, especially zone between the Latitude 23° 00'N and 23°11'N is rich in cephalopod resources.

Date : 31-12-1990