Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 32 Issue 1&2

Age and growth of Metapenaeus monoceros (Fabricius) along the Kakinada Coast

G. Sudhakara Rao and B. Krishnamoorthi

Age and growth of Metapenaeus monoceros have been estimated separately for males and females by length-frequency analysis in view of the differential growth observed in the species. Modes traceable for three months were considered for the application of Food-Walford plot to estimate growth parameters. L∞ for- males and females is estimated as 178.4 mm and 207.3 mm respectively. The K values are estimated as 1.68 for males and 1.62 for females. Values of t0 obtained by the method of Gulland are 0.048 years and 0.066 years for males and females respectively. Von Bertalanfly equations are derived as:

Males .. It - 178.4 [1—e –l.68 (t-0.048)]

Females .. It ' = 207.3 [1—e -1.62 (t-o.066)]

The females are found to grow faster and attain higher asymptotic length with lower K value compared to males. The lengths attained by males and females respectively are 95 mm and 105 mm at the end of 6 months, 142 mm and 162 mm at the end of 12 months and 163 mm and 187 mm at the end of 18 months.

Date : 31-12-1990