Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India

Volume 32 Issue 1&2

Seaweed resources of the Tuticorin Tiruchendur Coast. Tamil Nadu, India.

V. S. K. Chennubhotla, N. Kaliaperumal, S. Kalimuthu, J. R. Ramalingam, K. Subbaramaiah, K. Rama Rao and P. V. Subba Rao

The southern coast of Tamil Nadu (Mandapam to Kanyakumad) supports luxuriant growth of economic seaweeds. The entire indigenous phycocolloid industry of the country gets the raw material from this region and during the last two decades, due to indiscriminate harvesting, there has been over-exploitation of the resource. The present paper deals with survey conducted in the first sector from Tuticorin to Tiruchendur during December 1986—March 1987. In this study 58 species of marine algae were recorded of which 7 belong to Chlorophyta, 12 to Phaeophyta and 39 to Rhodophyta besides 3 species of seagrasses namely Cymodocea serrulata, Halophila ovalis and H.ovata within 650 sq. km area surveyed. The total standing crop of the seaweeds was estimated at 9,100 tonnes (wt.). The estimates for the dominant species are Dictyota maxima 530 t, Sargassum tenerrium 640 t, D. bartayresiana 8601, Selieria rebusta 2,0901 and Hypnea valemiae 2,4301. The seaweed potential for commercial exploitation has been briefly discussed.

Date : 31-12-1990